My “friend from afar” Kristy Arnett described her mother as a “Tiger Mom” – a tough Korean woman who told her daughter to do things not because you enjoy them but because you need to be the very best at them – no mediocrity in this family.  This principle defined Kristy’s future and the way she approached everything in her life.

Kristy’s life turned upside down when she found out that the love of her life, her husband of several years, was having an affair and that devastated her…for a time.  She was supposed to have been “the best” wife and companion – remember that’s what her mom taught her, but life has a way of not always going the way you planned.


Healing came through hard work, vulnerability and honesty, with herself and her husband.  Together they committed to make things whole and they are moving on to start a family.  However, like many women, including Debby, Kristy has miscarried and wonders HOW and WHEN she’s going to become a mom.  Listen in to how she is coping today.

Kristy, by profession, is a well-known Professional World Poker player.  She is one familiar with risk taking and says we should approach everything in life as a risk!  Join us as Kristy discusses her struggles and DEFINING MOMENTS and how they are helping her move forward, personally and professionally.



Listen to this episode of DEFINING MOMENTS (Episode 6) and learn how this poker player tells you her WTF Defining Moments!

Episode Description

Finding out your spouse has been unfaithful to you can knock you down like nothing else yet if you are a “Strong Woman” or a “Strong Man” then you certainly can’t let the world see your hurt and vulnerabilities. You want to scream out “WHY” and you might say WTF? Our special guest, Kristy Arnett, has faced her own DEFINING MOMENTS and one includes a confession. Join us for a lively discussion about Kristy’s WTF moments and how she continues to live a life of joy and purpose in spite of past “Moments.” Let’s find out what it is important to have a vision bigger than ourselves and how becoming a RISK TAKER brings joy where there wasn’t any before.

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