Meet the AMAZING Sammy Blindell…coming to us from France/England and anywhere she wants from across the pond!

Sammy is one incredible woman – but if you ask her, she’s started off as a “fat, little girl.”  Oh my, how do we see ourselves?  How wrong do we see ourselves and what are the stories we tell ourselves about our past?  Sammy is a “one of a kind” serial entrepreneur who has experienced the ups and downs of owning multiple companies and she tells the truth of her “Defining Moments” which came when she least expected them.  Enjoy our time together!

Episode Description

Sammy says: The equation is simple really… Without trust you have no credibility. Without credibility you have no customers. Without customers you have no cashflow and without cashflow you don’t have a business. Without a brand you are unrecognisable and without effective marketing you are invisible. All of these parts are super important in your brand building mix, so join Sammy for a transformational journey and be the brand you want to see in the world. Behind the Sammy Blindell BRAND is an incredible woman who has faced challenges since her tender youth. Sammy’s DEFINING MOMENTS will have you smiling, tearing up, and STANDING UP for courage and power. Sammy will be joining us from her home in France but we’ll be talking about our exciting CHANGEMAKER adventures here in San Diego, CA and Orlando, FL. Don’t miss Sammy’s tips and tricks for branding yourself and your business. Learn how to go from zero visibility to hero credibility and retain your human side in the process

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