Debby’s guest Kezia has a goal to find “what’s RIGHT with people” through her studies in Positive Psychology.  Kezia hails from the UK but is currently living in Spain with her family.

As a child, Kezia often thought that her mother cared about others, such as the kids she fostered or assisted, more than she cared for Kezia.  This was NOT the case.

Kezia was bullied as a child but she chose to take hateful words and acted “as if” those words were the opposite of their intent.  How did that work for her?

She often wonders “If we could go back in time, would our pivotal moments (Defining Moments)  be different now?  So if we knew then what we know now, what would be different?

Debby and Kezia discuss their transitions from life in the corporate world to life as an independent business owner (entrepreneur) and how reaching out to women can make a difference in the world.  These two ladies encourage us to stop hiding behind our masks of shame and embarrassment to Standing Up for self and family as we find our spot as Women of Contribution.

Listen to this episode and feel the power of being a Woman of Contribution! 

Episode Description

From a young age we are mystified and entertained by the stories we hear, from fairy tales to folk lore we learn the benefits of creating and telling a story. They allow us to connect, share a part of our past with others, as well as create a sense of meaning about the situations, experiences and circumstances we might find ourselves in. But are we all natural storytellers? For centuries stories have been used to pass important information down from one generation to another, sharing the wisdom, knowledge and inspiration that comes with age and experience. We all have a story within, stories so powerful they can change lives, provide hope and help others move from the darkness into the light. Learn from Kezia how Women of Contribution is rising up around the world as women recognize their gifts and talents and share them through important live changing stories.

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