“How can you be “The One” for yourself and the World?”  That is the question that Debby and Nancy Matthews speak about in today’s Defining Moments!

Debby’s  guest, Nancy Mathews, is the founder (along with her older two sisters) of Women’s Prosperity Network” (WPN).

As a single parent of two, Nancy had to learn how to “stand up for herself.”  She wanted to be responsible for herself and her children. Raised by a very strong mother and influenced by her older sisters and brother, Nancy positioned herself as the “Visionary with Guts” and to this day, she steps out with purpose in all she does!

WPN is about coaching women through a MENTORING program.  Nancy feels that the best mentor is one who sees the very best in us all the time but also knows how to point out our weaknesses without demeaning. There are several steps to growth regardless of the how big or small the size of the challenge.

Nancy’s Defining Moment was realizing that she needed help with her business and giving another individual a job could improve someone else’s life at the same time.


Nancy has a philosophy called “The One Philosophy” which is about how we treat someone (the One) who is may be doing something for us or may have just come into our lives. We must treat everyone in the world the same way that we treat “The One.” The world then becomes a better place. We learn to value each other. Nancy has written about her philosophy and lectures all over the world and has enlisted others to help her spread the word.  Our host, Debby Montgomery Johnson happens to be one of the Trainers for “The One Philosophy” at WPN.

Nancy admits that her dream is to win the Nobel Prize for “The One” philosophy and she has her own song which allows her to sing and dance her way across the stage!

Listen to this episode and learn so much from Nancy and Debby’s conversation.  Perhaps You are THE ONE for another sitting beside you!

Episode Description

Excelling in Leadership, Sales and Customer Service: Nancy shares the principles from her book, The One Philosophy. These principles will guide you in bringing more into every area of your life and business. Learn how to be “The One” and experience the rewards that follow. We will also share Defining Moments from her life that led her out of corporate life into a “dream” life of working with her two sisters and building up a women’s organization that’s going global! Yes, Yes, Yes to Women’s Prosperity Network!

Listen now:  https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/103810/how-can-you-be-the-one-for-yourself-and-the-world

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